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Nifty Future Booked 40 points Profit in Morning trade……….


Today our 1st Alert at 9.20am……. SELL NIFTY FUT @ 7795 stop-loss 7810 Target 7755

Achieved Target 7755………… Booked 40 Points Profit!!!


Now Nifty Future trading 7760………

Support around 7740 to 7750———– If fail to take support at given level

We See more Panic on the card upto 7690 levels………..

Wait & See !!!!

More update to our clients

Updated : 11.58am / 28th July’14

28th July’14 Nifty Future Update

monday 16

NIFTY  FUTURE  Closed : 7785

Friday we have written Boldly Nifty Future Resistance 7840 & Support 7810

Made a high was 7832.80, Then Recommend Sell NF below 7810 Target 7765

Achieved Target & Booked 45 Points Profit!!!

U know Friday we had written All Longs keep stop-loss 7750

Made a low was 7751.30 then closed 7785.70


This week Trend Decider 7925 & 7675 levels

Overall trend is bullish, But last Two days mixed trend only

Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 7800 to 7810 levels

Once if crossover the levels———— we see Rally upto 7830 levels

What will do at higher levels ???

Today’s Supports 7760 & 7740 levels

Suppose once if breaks 7740 & stays below 15 minutes

Non- stop Panic selling expected up-to 7690 levels………..

 101% Live market update to our clients only…….

Updated : 08.50am / 28th July’14

Nifty Future 45 points Profit Booked….. and Noon update


Nifty Future Booked 45 points Profit

Selling alert given @ 7810………. Booked full profit @ 7765

Net 45 points Profit!!!

Now whatMorning we written all Longs keep stop-loss 7750

See now marked low 7751.30!!!

Now closely eye on 7750 levels……….. If breaks & Sustains below the level

Panic will be created upto 7700 and 7675 levels!!!

More to our clients only

Updated : 02.05pm / 25th July’14

Nifty Future below 7810 shown weakness….. Given sell call alert below 7810!!!

nifty future update 1

Nifty Future Yesterday’s high 7839 & closed 7833.75

See Today not crossed above levels…….

Morning we have written support 7810 & 7790 levels

We given selling alert below 7810…………..

Now support at 7775 if breaks the level……….. We see more panic on the card!!!

More update to our clients only

Updated : 12.14pm / 25th July’14

25th July’14 Nifty Future Update


NIFTY  FUTURE  Closed : 7833

 Yesterday Nifty Future was closed all time high at 7833

Every lower level huge buying seen last four session

Our magic figure 7825 broken on Yesterday’s Trade

Made a high was 7839, Low was 7762.90 then closed 7833

U know last Two sessions FII’s figure was just below 100cr

Something wrong……….?? wait & see!!!


 Nifty Future our magic figure 7825 crossed……..

Today’s facing Resistance 7840 to 7855 levels

Once if stays above 7855———- with volume then will try to Kiss 7875 & 7910 levels

Huge short covering will be expected any time!!!

Today’s Supports 7810 & 7790 levels……….

Overall Longs keep strict stop-loss 7750——— Below we see Panic selling!!!

 101% Live market update to our clients only…….

Updated : 08.36am / 25th July’14

Nifty Future crucial level 7825 and 7755… We see 100 to 150 points Rally any one side!!!

nifty 5

Nifty Future very crucial level 7755 and 7825

Closely watch on this levels………

Either side if breaks & Sustains 15 minutes……….. We see 100 to 150 Points Rally!!!

Million $ question!!!

Which level first will break ???

More live market update to our clients only

Updated : 01.19pm / 24th July’14

24th July’14 Nifty Future Update

thursday 2

NIFTY  FUTURE  Closed : 7791

Overall huge short added in Market

Yesterday Nifty Future came discount around 10 points

But lower level huge buying seen………

Yesterday made a high of 7807 and Low 7746 then closed 7791


 Nifty Future First will test 7850 or 7650 ??

Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 7810 to 7825 levels

Closely watch on above levels……… Once if stays above the level

With 15 minutes……….. Will move 7860 levels

support 4

Suppose if trade below 7775 next support at 7755 level

Thereafter more panic on the card upto 7725!!!

 101% Live market update to our clients only…….

Updated : 08.46am / 24th July’14

Banknifty Future Booked 100 Points Profits!! and NF 15 points Loss booked….

banknifty 23

Till we have Recommend Two alerts to our clients

First alert Buying NF above 7805 Stop-loss Triggered 7790

Second alert Sell Banknifty Future @ 15580 Booked Profit 15480

Exact 100 points Profit Booked!!!

Now waiting for clear trends to give another call……..

Updated : 12.11pm / 23rd July’14

23rd July’14 Nifty Future Update


NIFTY  FUTURE  Closed : 7768

Nifty Future Yesterday broken hurdle level 7735

Unexpected movement upto 7773.50 and made a low of 7706

U know Yesterday FII’s bought figure 1200cr

 NIFTY was up 84 points of which 62 points were contributed by 6 stocks.

Of this, 40 points were contributed by RELIANCE, HDFC and TCS. Inspite of all this,

Advance decline was negative so if these 6 stocks had closed flat,

Nifty would have been in the negative by 60 points. -


 Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 7785 to 7805

Once if crossover 7805……… we see FIRE Work upto 7845 levels

Thereafter will move 7880 levels……….

Today’s Supports 7750 to 7760 levels…….. then will 7730

 101% Live market update to our clients only…….

Updated : 08.41am / 23rd July’14

Nifty Future noon update

nifty future flying

Nifty Future shown bullish mode…..But little bit moving

Now trading 7745……… If sustains above 7755 with 20 minutes

We see Rally upto 7780 to 7800 levels……..

Suppose Nifty Future sustains below 7710………..

Some selling pressure will see upto 7680 levels…..

Till not given any Recommend to our clients due to not clear trend!!!

Updated : 01.41pm / 22nd July’14

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