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Nifty Future will ZooM 8550…….. Huge short covering will see!!!

Nifty Future 4


Nifty Future broken recent Resistance levels

Now sustains around 8480……. If stays above 8490 with 15 minutes!!!

Huge short covering will be expected up to 8530 – 8550 levels

If comes lower level can buy buy buy!!!

Yesterday’s close is stop-loss for your longs

Updated : 01.24pm / 21st Nov’14

21st Nov’14 Nifty Future Update



NIFTY  FUTURE Closed 8420

Yesterday boldly written Nifty Future support at 8360

Marked low of 8371.10 then Moved 8428.90

Yesterday our Recommends click below link

FII’s Buying almost 200cr in Index Future



Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 8425 & 8440 levels

Once if crossover 8440 then will move 8460 levels

Higher level stay caution & Don’t jump and buy!!!

Today’s Supports 8400 & 8385 levels

Decline to buying side only……. and Keep tight stop-loss of ??

Lower level magic figure 8355………

    More live market update send SMS to our clients

Updated : 08.59am / 21st Nov’14

Nifty Future Booked 50 points Profit in Range Market!!!



Nifty Future Booked 50 Points Profit in Range Market!!!

1st message

Below is our first message sent to our clients

“BUY NIFTY FUTURE AT 8375 TARGET 8400 SL 8360 CMP 8374″

Achieved Target 8400………. 25 Points Profit!!


Below is our Second message sent to our clients

“AGAIN BUY NIFTY FUT 8375 TARGET 8400 SL 8360 CMP 8375″

Achieved given Target 8400………. another 25 points Profit!!!

What else u want in Life ???

Market going up or down……… no Problem!!!

Our clients Earned Money Money Money…………

UPdated : 02.50pm / 20th Nov’14

Nifty Future noon update & Support at 8360



Nifty Future struggled in lower levels

Marked low of 8371.10, Currently trading 8384

Morning we written Support at 8360…… Closely watch out this levels

If Breaks 8360 & Stays below 15 minutes then will see All Round Panic

Not Ruled out up to 8300 to 8330 levels…….

Risky can do ??

Updated : 01.24pm / 20th Nov’14

20th Nov’14 Nifty Future Update

thursday-black-redNIFTY  FUTURE Closed 8410

Yesterday Morning session NF was very Range

Noon session seen high volatility……… Made a low was 8386 & High was 8469.90

Finally closed 8410……….

Sharp bounce back from lower level 8386 to 8420 levels…..

Yesterday FII’s buying figure was 100cr in Index Future!!!



Overall trend is Positive but Intraday trend is Mixed!!!

Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 8425-8435 levels

If crossover then will check 8460 levels……..

support 4

Today’s Supports 8385 & 8360

If stays below 8360 with 15 minutes…….. then will see Panic selling up to 8330 levels

Last & Final hope 8330 for Bulls!!!

    More live market update send SMS to our clients

Updated : 08.54am / 20th Nov’14

Nifty Future noon update

Nifty Future 4


Nifty Future trading very very narrow………. till (1.25pm) volume not crossed 35 lac

Marked high of 8469.90 & low 8428 currently trading 8437

We have Recommend Buying alert @ 8435 Booked Profit @ 8450

Just 15 points only…….. Because of Range market!!!

May be…….. Range continue in whole day

If trade below 8425 with 10 minutes…….. will slide up to 8400

Higher level stay caution!!!

Updated : 01.34pm / 19th Nov’14

19th Nov’14 Nifty Future Update

wednesday3NIFTY  FUTURE Closed 8452

Yesterday Nifty Future trading very Range & Low volume

U know last one week FII’s money flow was very low just 800cr to 1000cr only

Yesterday NF made a high of 8469.40 & low of 8432.10, Then closed 8452

Not Recommend any alerts of NF on Yesterday’s trade due to Range market!!



bull & bear

Nifty Future sustained 8400 to 8450 levels

Bulls & Bears very tuff fight in this Range………. But Bulls having upper hand!!!

Overall if sustains same levels two to three days….. Huge short covering will be expected!!!

Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 8465 – 8475 levels

If crossover 8475 with volumes………. Will move 8500+

Today’s Supports 8440-8430 levels……. There after will check 8400

    More live market update send SMS to our clients

Updated : 08.56am / 19th Nov’14


18th Nov’14 Nifty Future Update

tuesday 1NIFTY  FUTURE Closed 8453

Yesterday Nifty Future was bounced from lower levels

Made a low of 8371 then taken U-Turn up to 8465, Then closed 8453

We have Recommend Selling alert @ 8415……. and Stop was 8435 Triggered!!!

No problem 20 points is a not a matter…….

Already earned almost 220 points in this series!!!

But FII’s little bit selling on Index Future around 200cr!!


Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 8470-8480 levels

Once if cross 8480 with volumes……….. Will move 8510 levels

Thereafter huge short covering will see up to 8550 levels!!!

support 10

Today’s Supports 8445 & 8425 levels………

There after will check 8390………

Bulls now rise your stop-loss for 8350………..

     101% Live market update to our clients only…….

writeUpdated : 08.54am / 18th Nov’14

17th Nov’14 Nifty Future Update

monday 13


NIFTY  FUTURE Closed 8416.65

Friday we have written Nifty Future Resistance 8430

U know high of Friday ?? Yes Made a high of 8428.80……

We have Recommend Selling alert @ 8410…….. Booked Profit @ 8385

In Rangebound market our clients Booked 25 points Profits!!!


This week Trend Decider 8560 & 8330

Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 8435 & 8455 levels

If crossover 8455 with volumes then will move 8490 levels

Today’s Supports 8400 & 8380 levels…….

Lower level strong hurdle around 8330 to 8345

If stays below the level………. Bears have upper hand!!!

     101% Live market update to our clients only…….

Updated : 08.45am / 17th Nov’14

Nifty Future again Range bound……. Sell call given @ 8410

nifty future1


Nifty Future trading again Range bound!!!

Already we told…….. Higher level stay caution!!!

Yes, We have Recommend Selling alert @ 8410 Stop-loss 8430

But we sent message Book Profit @ 8385…… 25 points Profit booked!!!

In Range market……. 25 points Profit is too high

Updated : 02.48pm / 14th Nov’14

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